Pish-Radif has been formulated to facilitate learning and understanding classical Persian music. By studying the contents of this website, which introduces and teaches Persian music in a novel style, those interested in learning and knowing about Persian music can learn Radif more easily, while learning about the history, features and characteristics of Persian music.

Hossein Omoumi, From Isfahân to Irvine

Pish Radif

Pish Radif (Pre-Radif) is comprised of eleven lessons designed to introduce students to the main musical structures of classical Persian music systems in a short time by working on eleven of the twelve complex systems in Radif.

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Classical Persian music is an improvisatory music occurring within a systematic framework. This framework is called Radif and includes the Dastgâh, Âvâz, and Gusheh.

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The history of the art of music in Iran goes back to 7th century BC

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